Urban Typography



I found this cool sign on http://bror.se/typography/50-inspirational-”live”-typography-examples-from-new-york.  This urban sign is found in New York City.  This is another example of a sans serif typeface used as a sign.  It is very easy to read and can be read from far distances.  I like how the sign is covered in lights, which must be pretty and easy to see at night.



2 thoughts on “Urban Typography

  1. On your Subway example, I love how the letterforms are made up of individual lightbulbs. It really adds dimension to this sign in a way that neon/other lighted signs may not.

  2. This is amazing. Where in NYC is this? I want this photograph for my wall! Or the actual sign! It reminds me of the “o say can you see” on the side of the Visionary Arts Museum, except this has actual bulbs.

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